No question too little, No desire too great.

I want to meet you but I’m nervous…

That’s OK, it is perfectly natural, in fact I would be a little worried if you weren’t. For me open communication is the starting point for a memorable time together. I know you may have deep desires you have never told anyone, but it’s OK, we all have deep desires and if you have been yearning to find someone who will help you fulfil your desires then talk to me. You can begin by email or txt if that makes you comfortable, and when you are comfortable I have developed the “First Impressions” package so we can meet, talk about your needs and you see if you want to move forward, and if you don’t that’s ok as well, it wasn’t meant to be, just yet.

What are common requests?

I have such a variety of requests from merely going on a date to the movies to dominant submissive exploration. I have clients who want to explore a part of their lives that they don’t feel comfortable sharing with their current partners, or who want to learn more about male sensuality. I have requests to teach techniques to provide confidence for my clients with their partners. I have bought many passionate fantasies to life for my cilent’s and find that the more authentic you are with your request the better your experience. I even regularly share intimate evenings with couple’s and help them explore their relationship. 

Can bookings be extended?

Yes, provided I have no prior commitments I am happy to extend bookings. This is something that happens regularly.

Do you provide a service to couples?

Yes, my services extend to couples. While I am strictly straight, I do enjoy playing with multiple people. (Prices on Request)

What fees are involved with travel?

Travel within 50 km of Sunshine Coast QLD is covered within the booking. For driving, the fee will be $100 per 100 km further than the this.

Do you practice safe sex?

Yes, I wear condoms without exception, ever. Please advise me if you have a latex allergy.

Do you have regular testing for STI’s?

Yes, I have regular testing for your safety and mine. I am tested every 3 months.

Should I be tested for STI’s before the booking?

I would consider it a courtesy if you would, but it is not essential. The simple tests can be performed by your GP quickly and simply and are free. You may find it gives you peace of mind as well.

Is booking a male escort legal?

Yes, sex work is legalised and regulated in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. For more information;


Sex Work, the Law in Queensland

Can I see a picture of your face or full body nude?

I would like to add that facial anonymity is important to both my career and personal brand. I believe it is in the best interest of my lovely clients that I am unrecognizable while we are out together.