First Impressions

If your curious but cautious and not 100% sure whether you would like go ahead with a full booking. It is perfectly natural to have these feelings of uncertainty when booking me, particularly for the first time. You may have doubts about our compatibility because I don’t post full body and head pictures for discretion.  Maybe a ‘First Impressions’ option is for you. It provides you with a relaxed way to meet me and have a chat without feeling obligated to go through with a booking. By meeting me in person you will get a much better idea of my looks, what my personality is like, and whether there is chemistry. 

It’s simple, make a ‘First Impressions’ booking. We meet at a mutually convenient place for a relaxed and obligation free chat for 15minutes and you decide the rest from there. If you would like to continue the booking directly on from our meet then it will be included in the full booking fee, or if you feel you need more time or decide this isn’t for you, then a first impressions fee applies.

The Boyfriend Experience

Let me take away from your ‘day to day’ where you are the centre of my universe. Let yourself go and relax with a hint of faint calming music, a light touch of incense and a sensual body massage. Enjoy your time away from the world as I attend to your every need, leaving you wholly fulfilled and a memory that will last for months to come. To ensure an enjoyable and non-rushed experience.

(2-hour minimum booking)

Dinner for Two

How long has it been since you really treated yourself, where you connected with another person over candlelight, where you just wanted to express yourself and truly be listened to. Where you yearn for connection, compassion, adoration, respect, insight, intelligence and empathy. When was the last time you had a romantic dinner for two where the world just dissolved around you and time stands still as you are engrossed in each another until the maitre’d excuses himself to advise that we are the last ones left and the restaurant and the close was half an hour ago. Treat yourself to a real connection away from your friends and family.

(4 or 6 hour booking)

Social Companion

Do you have a work function, friend’s wedding or family event you need to attend. Can’t face the barrage of questions on your own, need a sophisticated date to help balance the onslaught of the occasion. I am well cultured an agile in the art of conversation, my years of experience attending events of all occasions have shaped me into a formidable conversationalist. Throughout the night I will attend to your every need and meld with your narrative to compliment you throughout the occasion and when the night is over I will whisk you away for time dedicated to you, to unwind and relax.

(4 or 6 hour booking)

The Tantra Experience

“Tantra is the original spiritual science first taught in India more than 7000 years ago. It is Sanskrit for “expansion” and “liberation.” The practice elevates us as human beings in a process in which expands our minds. It leads us from the imperfect to the perfect, from the crude to the subtle, from bondage to liberation.” — Dada Vedaprajinananda

Allow me to take you on a journey of spiritual unity by focusing on connection, awakening, healing and transformation. Through touch, breathing, focus and immersion we will build the energy within, that will transcend physical. If you need to explore the inner depths of your spirit then allow me to guide you, to experience the inner core of your being through intimacy.

(2-hour minimum booking)

The Naughty Girl Experience

Have you ever wanted to explore your inner most desires, to feel heightened sensations that light a fire of lust within you as you give yourself over completely and become lost in the moment where there is nothing more than you and your craving for more?

Well trained in light bondage and BDSM, allow me to hold a safe space for you to explore your innermost desires, and feel your entire body tingle over and over again as you let go of yourself and are led on a journey of tantalizing play reserved ONLY for the naughty girl within.

(2-hour minimum booking)